CODE5.Hosting is the new branch name for the hosting activities of the company with official tradename Santy ICT and is registered and located in Belgium, Europe. All though we only recently opened up our hosting services in may 2017 to the public, we've been hosting websites succesfully since 2008 to a limited group of private clients.

The reason to provide hosting is simple, Linux servers are a passion of the owner, J. Santy, and has been at it since 1999. We have also been hosting a set of gameservers since 2009 where we have over 21 000 forum users, so we do have a great deal of experience in communicating with clients.

Who better to work with than a group of people that are passionate about what they are doing? Some of the same staff from our game hosting are providing support to our hosting clients. And because of the gaming we have a worldwide presence and can assist people in multiple languages such as English, Dutch, French, Spanich and Arabic.

Despite the many years of activities we concider ourselves a small hosting provider, which has it's benefits towards clients. Namely, we cannot afford to loose you as a client, which in turn means we will do our upmost best to accomadate your needs.

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